NAAE Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
September 21, 2000

The NAAE Board of Directors conducted a conference call on September 21, 2000. All members of the board and the executive director participated in the call including: Mike Cox (VA), President; Paul Jaure (TX), President Elect; Sue Poland (ID), Region I Vice President; James Dawley (TX), Region II Vice President; Chuck Stranberg (MN), Region III Vice President; Bryan Gause (IN), Region IV Vice President; Roger Teeple (NC), Region V Vice President; Sarah Osborn Welty (MD), Region VI Vice President; and Jay Jackman (VA), Executive Director. The minutes of the meeting are as follows.

1.  Call to Order—President Mike Cox called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m. and welcomed the board members to the meeting.

2.  Approval of Agenda—The board reviewed the agenda and added two additional items.

3.  Approval of Minutes of Previous Meetings—The addition of wording was requested to clarify that members of the Finance Committee (one per region) would be assisting with collecting money during the silent auction in San Diego. Roger Teeple moved to approve the minutes from the July 28-30, 2000 board meeting, as corrected. Sarah Osborn Welty seconded the motion. The motion carried.

4.  Ag Ed Restructuring Plan—Mike Cox presented a report from the Ag Ed Restructuring meeting that was held in August 2000 in Indianapolis. Mike had already sent via e-mail a written report from the meeting to all board members. Mike stated that a written proposal was being prepared and that it would be discussed at The Council meeting in October 2000 in Reno. Mike pointed out that the NAAE board would be asked to approve the proposal before it would be rolled out to the membership. Mike asked NAAE board members to bring up their questions/concerns regarding the draft proposal. Questions/comments included: (1) Who pays expenses of ex-officio members on the proposed board? (2) The number of voting board members seems too high. (3) Not having a majority (or at least an equal number) of ag teachers as voting members of the board is a problem. (4) We cannot take a proposal to the membership if we know they will not accept it.

5.  NAAE Restructuring Plan—It was agreed that the NAAE plan (detailed in the July 2000 NAAE Board Strategic Planning Committee report) will be presented to the full Strategic Planning Committee in San Diego. The full committee will be asked to "flesh out" the plan.

6.  2000 NAAE Convention

a.  Bylaws Changes

1. National Officer Eligibility—Chuck Stranberg moved, Paul Jaure seconded, that the proposed bylaws change regarding national office eligibility be taken off of the table for now. The motion carried. It was agreed that board members would work on their own on possible wording for a proposed bylaws change and send suggestions to the NAAE office no later than Monday, September 25. This issue will be revisited during the next conference call.

2.  Active Member Definition—It was agreed that no changes in the definition of active membership would be proposed at this time. This item will be referred to the full Policy and Bylaws Committee in San Diego.

b.  Committee Meeting Preparations

1.  Revision to July 2000 Member Services Committee—Roger Teeple moved, Chuck Stranberg seconded, to rescind the motion to adopt the July 2000 Board Member Services Committee report. The motion carried. Sue Poland moved, Roger Teeple seconded, to revise the committee report by (a) rewording item 1 to make it read: "Have NAAE to reconsider first year teachers’ membership dues to be complimentary or no more than half. Committee recommends: This item has been rejected previously by the NAAE board of directors. The previous decision of the board stands." and (b) adding the word "agenda" to item 12 to make it read: "In an effort to have all regional meetings and conferences to discuss all things pertinent to the NAAE, the Member Services Committee recommends the following agenda items:". The motion carried. James Dawley moved, Roger Teeple seconded, to adopt the July 2000 Board Member Services Committee report as amended. The motion carried.

2.  Revision to July 2000 Finance Committee—Roger Teeple moved, Chuck Stranberg seconded, to rescind the motion to adopt the July 2000 Board Finance Committee report. The motion carried. Roger Teeple moved, Sarah Osborn Welty seconded, to revise the committee report by deleting item 5. The motion carried. Sue Poland moved, Roger Teeple seconded, to adopt the July 2000 Board Finance Committee report as amended. The motion carried.

3. Board Member Committee Responsibilities for 2000 NAAE Convention—Mike Cox reviewed the board members’ responsibilities for their respective committee assignments for San Diego, as follows:

a.  Provide names of regional committee members to the NAAE office as soon as possible.

b.  Prepare a draft agenda for the committee meeting.

c.  Contact committee chair and vice chair to finalize the committee agenda.

d.  Have committee chair send committee members the agenda and supporting documents.

e.  Jay Jackman will send the blue committee binders to the respective board members.

4.  Post-convention Board Meeting Plans—It was agreed that the first 30 minutes of the post-convention board meeting in San Diego will be for all of the board and alternate vice presidents to take care of necessary "house-keeping" items. The last one hour of the meeting will be for newly elected vice presidents and alternate vice presidents to participate in a board training session led by the newly elected president and the executive director. Any board members and alternate vice presidents may participate in the board training session.

7.  Next Conference Call—Another conference call will be scheduled for Monday, September 25, 2000 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern.

8.  Adjournment—Mike Cox adjourned the conference call meeting at 5:40 p.m.