NAAE Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
September 25, 2000

The NAAE Board of Directors conducted a conference call on September 25, 2000. All members of the board and the executive director participated in the call including: Mike Cox (VA), President; Paul Jaure (TX), President Elect; Sue Poland (ID), Region I Vice President; James Dawley (TX), Region II Vice President; Chuck Stranberg (MN), Region III Vice President; Bryan Gause (IN), Region IV Vice President; Roger Teeple (NC), Region V Vice President; Sarah Osborn Welty (MD), Region VI Vice President; and Jay Jackman (VA), Executive Director. The minutes of the meeting are as follows.

1.  Call to Order—President Mike Cox called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. and welcomed the board members to the meeting. This conference call is a continuation of the call that was held on September 21, 2000. No new agenda items were added. The discussion of items on this call picked up where the board left off on September 21.

2.  NAAE Bylaws Changes in San Diego—It was reiterated that work regarding potential bylaws changes would continue through the committee process in San Diego.

3.  2000 NAAE Convention Give-away Items—The give away items at the 2000 NAAE Convention will include a Team Ag Ed mouse pad (highlighting the vision, mission and four goals from the Reinventing Ag Ed for the Year 2020 project) and a compact disk holder sponsored by the National Pork Producers Council. It was agreed that no other items need to be purchased for convention give away items.

4.  2000 NAAE/ACTE Convention Schedule—It was agreed that the NAAE board members who are staying in San Diego for the ACTE convention following the NAAE convention will double-up in sleeping rooms after the NAAE convention and they will depart San Diego on Saturday, December 9.

5.  FFA Board Position from NAAE Region II—James Dawley and Paul Jaure reported that they will have six to eight applicants for this position for the NAAE board to review at the NAAE pre-convention board meeting in San Diego. From these applicants, the NAAE board will select three to send on to Dr. Larry Case.

6. Council Postsecondary Position—Mike Cox encouraged the board members to bring to the NAAE pre-convention board meeting in San Diego the credentials (cover letter and resume) of persons who are interested in being the 2-year postsecondary representative to the board of the National Council for Agricultural Education. The NAAE board will select the representative from the eligible applicants and forward the name to Mr. Chuck Miller, the ACTE Ag Ed Division Vice President. Mr. Miller will then make the official notification to The Council.

7.  2001 NAAE Convention Planning—Jay Jackman reported to the board that it is doubtful NAAE will be able to hold the 2001 convention in New Orleans at the Fairmont Hotel. We have a new lead on the Hotel Monteleone, which is located in the French Quarter in New Orleans. Mike Cox asked the board if it was still a priority to hold the NAAE convention on an overlapping schedule with ACTE; the consensus answer was yes. Mike Cox asked the board members how much we should be willing to pay for sleeping rooms; the board consensus was no more than $150 per room night. Roger Teeple moved, Sarah Welty seconded, to authorize Jay Jackman to secure a hotel contract for the 2001 NAAE convention in New Orleans with a sleeping room rate in the range of $150 per room night (before taxes). The motion carried. Sue Poland moved, Bryan Gause seconded, for the first priority of NAAE to be to conduct the 2001 NAAE Convention on an overlapping schedule with the ACTE convention if an appropriate hotel can be secured such as the Hotel Monteleone. The motion carried.

Mike Cox then asked the board how we should respond to ACTE’s most recent proposal (which is to establish an Ag Ed Pavilion within the ACTE trade show and for NAAE to purchase ACTE trade show floor space and sell that show floor space to NAAE EXPO exhibitors and for all NAAE convention registrants to have to pay a registration fee for the ACTE convention). Sarah Osborn Welty moved, James Dawley seconded, that the second priority of NAAE to be continue to negotiate with ACTE regarding the ACTE trade show and NAAE Partnership EXPO and to counteroffer to ACTE that we hold the NAAE Partnership EXPO within the ACTE trade show with the same financial arrangements as we now offer to NAAE Partnership EXPO exhibitors and that NAAE pay to ACTE $30 per NAAE convention registrant for a half-day pass to attend the ACTE trade show. The motion carried.

It was agreed by consensus that the Strategic Planning Committee in San Diego would pursue other options for conducting future NAAE conventions and that such options to consider should include holding the convention separately from the ACTE convention and holding the convention during the summer months. Mike Cox also asked board members if they felt the Partnership EXPO was an important component of the NAAE convention; most board members commented that the EXPO is an important part of the convention, as evidenced by the data collected in the 2000 post-convention survey.

8.  2000 FFA Convention Planning—It was agreed that some sort of give away item(s) should be acquired for the FFA convention. Possibilities suggested included lapel buttons, ink pens, pencils, and key chains. Sue Poland moved, Chuck Stranberg seconded, to authorize Jay Jackman to spend about $700 on give away items for the FFA convention. p>The schedule for the FFA convention was also discussed. Jay Jackman will send an updated schedule for the FFA convention to the board members as soon as possible.

9.  NAAE Tabletop Display—Paul Jaure moved, James Dawley seconded, to authorize an expenditure of approximately $2,000 on new art/graphics for the NAAE tabletop display. The motion carried. The type of display discussed would use the existing display hardware and develop new pre-printed panels to be affixed to the display hardware.

10.  Jay Jackman’s Health Insurance—Jay Jackman reported that for NAAE to reimburse him for the costs of the current health insurance policy is in violation with the insurance carrier’s policies (Trigon Blue Cross Blue Shield). Further, since the policy is owned by the employee rather than NAAE, the cost of the insurance policy should be subject to payroll taxes and personal income taxes. Paul Jaure moved, Roger Teeple seconded, to remove the health insurance benefit from Jay Jackman’s employment contract effective July 1, 2000 and to increase Jay Jackman’s base salary by an amount equivalent to the approximate cost of an individual health insurance policy plus the additional personal income tax estimated costs. Such action is not to reimburse the employee for his health insurance, but to make it the responsibility of the employee to secure an individual health insurance policy or to self-insure. The motion carried.

11.  NAAE Accounting Cost Increases—Jay Jackman reported that the costs for conducting the 1999-2000 NAAE audit and tax return would be $625 higher than originally budgeted. This brings the total cost of the 1999-2000 audit and tax return to $1,875. The increase is due to an underestimate from the accounting firm that represents NAAE. The projected cost of the audit and tax return for 2000-01 will be higher still – perhaps up to $2,750. Jay Jackman stated that NAAE’s accounting costs have been quite low for the past many years and that the increases in the costs for the audit and tax return are to be expected.

12.  FFA Branding Initiative—Mike Cox reviewed the FFA Branding Initiative and asked for suggestions from the NAAE board members for providing the name of one ag teacher to serve on one of four teams (four teachers total needed) who will be working on this initiative. Volunteers from the NAAE board included Paul Jaure, James Dawley, Chuck Stranberg, Bryan Gause, Roger Teeple, Sarah Osborn Welty and Mike Cox. Larry Long has also expressed his willingness to serve on one of the teams. Mike Cox agreed to make the assignments, report the assignments to Jay Jackman, and have Jay Jackman communicate the names to the FFA staff.

13.  Food, Land and People—Chuck Stranberg, who represents NAAE on the Food, Land and People (FLP) USA Steering Committee, reported on recent happenings with FLP. It was agreed to offer FLP a complimentary booth space during the Partnership EXPO in San Diego in exchange for NAAE being listed as a FLP sponsor/partner/contributor. It was also agreed to invite someone from FLP (Chris Williams or Mark Linder) to be a presenter for the panel presentation on ag literacy during the third general session at the 2000 NAAE Convention in San Diego. Chuck Stranberg recommended that NAAE continue to provide a representative on the FLP USA Steering Committee and that NAAE pay for one-half of the travel expenses for the representative to participate in the committee activities. This item will be revisited and decided at the NAAE board meeting in March 2001.

14.  Adjournment—Mike Cox adjourned the conference call meeting at 4:13 p.m.