1996-97 NVATA Board of Directors

NVATA Board of Directors Special Meeting Minutes
September 28, 1996


The NVATA Board of Directors conducted a special board meeting on September 28, 1996 in San Antonio, Texas. All members of the board and the executive director were present for the meeting including: Tom Heffernan, President (TX); MeeCee Baker, President Elect (PA); Marc Beitia, Region I Vice President (ID); Paul Jaure, Region II Vice President (TX); Duane Fisher, Region III Vice President (IA); Tom Kremer, Region IV Vice President (OH); Bobby Joslin, Region V Vice President (GA); Mike Cox, Region VI Vice President (VA); and Jay Jackman, Executive Director (VA). The minutes of the meeting are as follows:

  1. Call to Order - President Tom Heffernan called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone to the meeting.
  2. Travel Portfolios - The executive director asked the board members to complete a travel portfolio to assist with travel arrangements to the NVATA convention.
  3. Advanced Registration for AVA Convention - It was agreed that NVATA would pay the advanced registration fees for the NVATA board as a group to secure the 10 percent group discount. The executive director asked the board to complete advanced registration forms.
  4. NVATA 1996-97 Budget - The executive director presented a revised budget for 1996-97 for board approval. Motion by Tom Kremer, Marc Beitia seconded, to adopt the revised budget. Motion carried.
  5. January 1997 Board Meeting - Motion by Paul Jaure, Mike Cox seconded, to coordinate the winter board meeting dates with the AVA Ag Ed Division Policy Committee meeting and the AVA National Policy Seminar in March. Dates for the meeting will, most likely, be March 13-15, 1997.
  6. NVATA Relocation - It was agreed that the NVATA relocation issue would be brought up at the opening session at the convention. Then, the issue would be discussed in more detail at regional and committee meetings.
  7. FFA Convention Plans - Tom Heffernan, MeeCee Baker, Marc Beitia, Paul Jaure, Duane Fisher, Tom Kremer, and Jay Jackman indicated they would be attending the FFA Convention. The executive director was encouraged to involve the NVATA alternate vice presidents in the convention activities including the Career Show booth. NVATA will also participate in the ATA/Student Teachers/Collegiate FFA conference and the Honorary American FFA Degree Reception.
  8. Alumni Council Nominations - Tom Heffernan encouraged board members to send to the NVATA office nominations for the open NVATA position on the FFA Alumni Council.
  9. Dues Increase - The executive director was instructed to send notice of the bylaws change (regarding the proposed NVATA dues increase) to state presidents. The dues increase proposal will be the same as approved by the Finance Committee at the 1995 NVATA Convention.
  10. Thank You Card - A thank you card from Beth Slack was passed around for the board members to read.
  11. Auction - Clarification was made regarding the auction to be held at the NVATA convention. Both live and silent auctions were approved for the 1996 NVATA Convention.
  12. Committee Agendas - The executive director was instructed to prepare agendas for the committees and send them to committee chairs in advance of the NVATA convention.
  13. Business Meeting Agendas - The executive director was instructed to prepare agenda for the business meetings at the NVATA convention.
  14. 50th Anniversary Plans - MeeCee Baker volunteered to work with Sam Custer toward plans for the NVATA 50th Anniversary. The celebration will begin with the 1997 NVATA Convention in Las Vegas and end with the 1998 NVATA Convention in New Orleans.
  15. Audit - The executive director was instructed to provide the annual financial review to the board and the finance committee in advance of the convention.
  16. AVA Legislative Network - It was suggested that NVATA board members might want to receive legislative updates from AVA. The executive director agreed to send information regarding getting involved in AVA's Legislative Network to the board members.
  17. Tom Kremer's Convention Report - Tom Kremer encouraged NVATA to make an effort to get more student teachers from the tri-state area to attend the convention. The Tri-state Social will be in the Windjammer (a restaurant at the Cincinnati Marriott); teachers will be providing staffing and gaming equipment for the Casino Night. The photographer will be Brenda Oldfield's contact from Kentucky. Sponsorships have been sought from business and industry throughout the tri-state area.
  18. Closed Session - The board went into a brief closed session to discuss recent occurrences in the NVATA office.
  19. Adjournment - With no further business, the special meeting of the NVATA board was adjourned.