NAAE Board Conference Call Minutes
September 28, 1998

On September 28, 1998, the NAAE Board of Directors conducted a conference call from 3:00 to 4:20 p.m. Eastern time. All board members, Susan Vaughn and Jay Jackman were on the call. The minutes of the conference call are as follows:

1.  Welcome - Duane Fisher called the roll and welcomed the group.

2.  Membership Category for Retired Members - The board discussed creating a new category of membership for retired members.  Mike Cox moved that the possibility of establishing a new membership category for retired members be referred to the Policy and Bylaws committee at the 1998 NAAE convention in New Orleans and that the Policy and Bylaws committee be charged with making a recommendation to the board of directors.  Russell Watson seconded the motion.  The motion carried by a vote of four to three.

3.  Membership Status of "Honorary Life Membership" Award Winners - Jay Jackman asked if members who have received the Honorary Life Membership Award are in fact life members or if this is an award category only without carrying the benefits of life membership.  It was agreed that Jay Jackman would look into this issue more closely to see if any historical records could be found.  The discussion would be continued at the 1998 FFA Convention in Kansas City.

Esbl4.  Establishment of a National Outstanding Service Award Category and Award for Senator Kempthorne - Jay Jackman discussed the need for establishing a new award category for national outstanding service to NAAE.  Jackman also recommended that Senator Dirk Kempthorne be awarded plaque recognition for his contributions to NAAE during the FY 1999 Ag Appropriations Bill debate and that Senator Kempthorne be presented this award at the 1998 NAAE Convention in New Orleans or in Washington, D.C.  Marc Beitia moved that the Member Services committee be directed to explore the possibility of a new national outstanding service awards program and that Senator Dirk Kempthorne be awarded plaque recognition for his contributions to NAAE this year, to be presented either in New Orleans at the convention or in Washington, D.C.  James Dawley seconded the motion.  The motion carried by a unanimous vote.

5.  FFA Convention Schedule - Susan Vaughn asked board members who have not yet communicated with her regarding their availability to work at the NAAE booth at the Career Show to contact her as soon as possible.  Jay Jackman reported that he is still working on getting a live connection to the Internet in the NAAE booth.  A complete schedule of NAAE activities during the FFA convention will be sent to all board members.

6.  FFA Convention Judges - Marc Beitia volunteered to serve as a judge for the finals for the Extemporaneous Public Speaking Contest.  The board charged Jay Jackman with finding someone else to represent NAAE as a finals judge for Prepared Public Speaking.

7.  NAAE Convention --Keyboard Player from KY for Receptions - The board approved paying all travel expenses for Dave Stahl, a Kentucky ag teacher and NAAE member, to be the live entertainment at receptions, and other appropriate functions, at the NAAE convention in New Orleans.

8.  NAAE Convention -- DJ following Gala - The board approved hiring a disc jockey to provide entertainment following the gala dinner and auction at the NAAE convention in New Orleans.

9.  NAAE Convention --Plow Sponsor -- Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center (KFEC) - The board approved using less NAAE-specific language on the engraving of the commemorative plow to make room to engrave the sponsors name (Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center) on the plow.

10.  NAAE Convention -- Sleeping Room Needs - Susan Vaughn will fax a form to the board to collect information about sleeping room needs for the NAAE convention in New Orleans.  Board members were asked to complete and return the form as soon as possible.           

11.  NAAE Convention -- Committee Work - Jay Jackman reminded the board that they are responsible for developing the committee agendas for the NAAE convention in New Orleans.  Jackman also encouraged the board members to work cooperatively with their respective committee chairs and vice-chairs on developing committee agendas.

12.  Report on September 26th Meeting Regarding New Structure for Professional Organizations in Ag Ed - Tom Kremer and Jay Jackman gave a brief report on the meeting that took place at the Agricultural Education National Headquarters on September 26, 1998 regarding merging the three ag ed professional organizations.  A white paper is being developed that will be presented at the board meeting of The National Council for Agricultural Education in October 1998.  More information on this will be disseminated to all of the ag ed groups following The Council board meeting.

13.  Boss Time Management - Board members commented on their uncertainty regarding the project being conducted by Boss Time Management to develop a SAE Visit Record Book that would be marketed to ag teachers.  Jay Jackman agreed to communicate with Darlene Gold of Boss Time Management and let her know that the NAAE board needs more information from her on this.

14.  Ray Chelewski Tour - Jay Jackman reported on the tour Ray Chelewski and his co-teachers and students are taking now to commemorate Ray's being named the Disney Company Teacher-of-the-Year.  Jackman and Coleman Harris have been instrumental in arranging the Washington, D.C. components of the tour.

15.  Upper Division Scholarships - It was agreed that eight upper division scholarships would be awarded this year.  The board members will get copies of the award letters.  The arrival of the letters to board members will indicate that the scholarship awards have been announced officially and publicly.

16.  Cap and Cup for Convention - Marc Beitia asked if the commemorative caps and cups for the NAAE convention in New Orleans had been ordered.  Jay Jackman reported that now that we know the commemorative plow will be sponsored we can order the caps and "travel" mugs.  Jackman also reported that he has not yet received information about potential vendors from Rick Bockhop.

17.  Adjournment - With no further business to conduct, President Fisher adjourned the conference call at 4:20 p.m.