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Our New Look


Say hello to the new NAAE brand! After more than two years in the making, we're ecstatic to finally share our new brand with you! Our brand logo was designed to convey a sense of unity, energy, and value for our members. We're excited to launch our new brand with the inspiration it brings. Thank you for being a part of our journey as we continue to provide fresh, modern, and relevant programs and services that best serve school-based agricultural educators.

We know you may have questions related to our new brand. For more information, see the frequently asked questions below.

The NAAE logo is designed to work in concert to convey a sense of unity, energy and value with no specific visual in mind. The viewer is encouraged to interpret the logo as they see fit.

We’ve changed our look – not our mission, core values, or our commitment to agricultural educators. It’s common for brands to update their look periodically. This was an opportunity for our organization to create a fresh look that sets us apart. This update keeps NAAE at the forefront of the everchanging field of agricultural education, reflecting that we offer our members fresh, modern, and relevant programs and services that serve our members at every age and at every stage.

Celebrate the new era of NAAE! Current NAAE members are encouraged to use the logo according to the brand guidelines where they see fit. NAAE staff will communicate additional requests from NAAE members as they come up. Additionally, you can access the NAAE Brand Center to download our new branding assets and gain information about branding guidelines.

Absolutely not. We are proud to be the professional organization for school-based agricultural educators. We have been and will always be humble leaders energized by the responsibility of shaping the future one student at a time, and our new branding is a reflection of that.

Everything we do at NAAE is member-focused and member-driven. From the early stages of the process, NAAE members were part of interviews that helped shaped the direction and value of NAAE that served as the foundation for what the updated logo and brand should be. The NAAE Board of Directors, who are elected by the NAAE member delegates, were engaged throughout the development process and approved the final design and layout.

NAAE worked with The Rinebold Company to help develop our refreshed image, and along with that you will see more refined language about what it means to be an NAAE member and agricultural educator.

NAAE Positioning Statement

Leading and Learning Together. At every age and at every stage, we are entrusted with future leaders who can change the world. Bringing out the best in our students requires us to bring out the best in ourselves. But we never have to do that alone. In communities across the country, agricultural educators share a common bond of fostering boundless classrooms and limitless learning. At every age and at every stage, we are humble leaders energized by the responsibility of shaping the future one student at a time.

NAAE Attributes and Points of Emphasis

Global purpose.
The curriculum, the skills and the experiences in our classrooms empower our students to be globally conscious and active citizens of their worlds.

Lifelong learning.
Our environment cultivates a sense of curiosity and fosters problem-solving skills that are sustained well-beyond a formal education. We are driven to constantly improve and evolve not only for our students but also for ourselves.

We model how to be future stewards of our land, food sources, fuel, natural resources, technology and our society at large. We can open up perspective and a world of opportunity.

We are uniquely positioned to travel alongside our students from where they start, to what they are becoming to their readiness for the future. No other role in the school setting has the same multi-faceted potential to impact a young person’s journey.

We have a common understanding and a shared experience that reaches far beyond the boundaries of our school districts. We have a nationwide network that enables one to be impacted by many and for many to be impacted by one.

To maximize the NAAE logo and color palette, NAAE recommends placing the logo on either navy or dark gray material. Be sure to use the official NAAE logos which you can download from our NAAE Brand Center. Embroidery stitch is the preferred method of display.

Absolutely. Now that our new brand has been released, we’ve updated the NAAE Brand Center on our website. Our branding center is your place to access the new logo, colors, and fonts. Our branding center will also include templates, which can be used for text-based documents, presentations, and more. Additionally, we will be offering a webinar and releasing a video which will train our members on how to use the new NAAE brand.

The previous NAAE logo served us well for more than 20 years, and we know it will be missed. Our previous logo was a part of our organization’s identity since 1997 when it was introduced when delegates at our annual convention voted to change the name of our organization from the National Vocational Agricultural Teacher's Association to the National Association of Agricultural Educators. While we bid farewell to its rich history, our organization is committed to providing mission-aligned programs and services that best serve our members.

It can be quite expensive and time consuming for NAAE to offer NAAE branded merchandise. However, we understand the desire to sport the NAAE logo and purchase necessary association items with the logo. NAAE plaques, certificates and membership cards will always be accessible through the NAAE merchandise page on the NAAE website. We are working to make acquiring these items easier by making some of them downloadable and some items available for purchase directly from the vendor. Also, be looking for additional merchandise that can be ordered through our vendor Crestline so you can get what you need at wholesale cost. We appreciate your patience as our communications team is working to update these items to reflect the new NAAE logo and branding as soon as possible.

At this time we encourage state association leaders to enjoy the new NAAE brand rollout. Over the course of the next few months, states will receive communications from NAAE staff members to help them update their websites, logos, etc.

Updating our organization’s brand presence is a complex, multi-step process. Over the next few months, you may still see older assets that include the previous NAAE logo and branding. Our communications team is working diligently to update our digital and printed NAAE assets with our new branding, however, this process takes time. We appreciate your patience as we work to fade out our old logo and branding as quickly as possible.

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