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NAAE Strategic Goals

To ensure agricultural educators meet the needs of the communities they serve as well as the needs of the agricultural industry talent pipeline we must also ensure we meet the needs of our 13,000+ high quality and diverse agricultural educators. The current NAAE programs and opportunities are aimed at investing in our greatest asset, agricultural educators and are centered around our three pillars: advancement through professional development, advocacy to ensure the growth and support for agricultural education programs and agricultural educator recruitment, retention, and recognition.

Strategic Goals



Advocacy in Agricultural Education

  • Provide advocacy resources for members to use in their states and programs.
  • Provide leadership and advocacy programming to develop teacher leaders.
  • Promote the profession of teaching agriculture to internal and external audiences.
  • Develop resources for states and regions to advocate and promote the profession of teaching agriculture.
  • Foster relationships with agricultural education related organizations and stakeholders.


Member Experience

Member Experience

  • Provide valuable member benefits that are easily accessible to NAAE members.
  • Actively seek input from members to direct NAAE vision and programming.
  • Deliver timely communication and up-to-date information to members.
  • Provide opportunities for members to serve the organization through leadership positions.


Professional Development

Professional Development

  • Provide educators with opportunities to advance through quality professional development.
  • Award professional development credit hours through trainings focused on agricultural education.
  • Promote opportunities for members to be involved in leadership positions within agricultural education.
  • Provide opportunities for members to develop and present vetted and rigorous professional development to colleagues.
  • Assist states and regions in providing timely and relevant professional development to agricultural educators.


Recruitment, Retention, and Recognition

Teacher Recruitment, Retention, and Recognition

  • Celebrate NAAE members and their accomplishments.
  • Celebrate the profession of agricultural education.
  • Increase recruitment of agricultural educators into the profession.
  • Increase the retention of current agricultural educators and improve their career satisfaction.
  • Provide support, services, and programs to state associations to increase and track state recruitment and retention efforts.