National #TeachAg Day

Celebrate the profession of teaching agriculture with us on September 19, 2024! We’re re-imagining our National #TeachAg Day celebration to make it even more fun for you to promote the profession of agricultural education.


#TeachAg Goes to the Movies

This year’s #TeachAg Day will focus on the premiere of our very first short documentary! This film will follow the journey of pre-service agricultural education students as they complete their student teaching experiences and figure out what comes next.

Give your students an exclusive peek behind the curtain into what their experience will be like if they decide to choose agricultural education as their major. Anyone who is considering a career in agricultural education should watch this film.

The documentary premieres on YouTube on National #TeachAg Day at 1:30 p.m. eastern.

Would you like to partner with us to promote the upcoming #TeachAg Day Documentary? Join us in letting the world know….it starts in the classroom. Official NAAE #TeachAg Documentary Promotion Partners will be the first to know about the upcoming documentary with regular production updates, receive exclusive behind the scenes footage, swag and special recognition. Click here to sign up today.

Plan a Documentary Premiere Party

Roll out the red carpet in your community! We are offering support for anyone who would like to host a premiere party in their own town. Whether it’s your local theater, a community center, or the high school auditorium, you can hold your own screening of our documentary and invite future ag teachers, community stakeholders and others!

Watch for the release of our planning guide this summer to assist in hosting your own premiere party!

#TeachAg Day Celebration Kit – Classroom

NAAE members will have the opportunity to request a #TeachAg Day Celebration Kit for your classroom! The kit will include fun ways to explore the profession of teaching agriculture, including a brand-new Lesson Plan-In-a-Box that will challenge your students to consider a career in teaching agriculture.

Quantities are limited. Applications open in May 2024 to request your very own celebration kit.

#TeachAg Day Celebration Kit – Stakeholders

Are you a collegiate ag ed program, state association, local advocacy group or other #TeachAg supporter? Apply for your own version of our #TeachAg Day Celebration Kit. This year the kit is all about helping you host your own documentary premiere party, so it will include lots of great ways to let people know about your celebration and the documentary, plus items to help you celebrate on National #TeachAg Day.

Quantities are limited. Applications open in May 2024 to request your very own celebration kit.

#TeachAg Collegiate Lesson Plan Contest

NAAE will be hosting a National #TeachAg Collegiate Lesson Plan Contest in conjunction with the 2024 NAAE National #TeachAg Day. The goal of contest is to empower pre-service agricultural educators to advocate for the agricultural education career by using their creative ability to develop a lesson plan highlighting teaching agriculture. Submissions are due August 15, 2024. Click here to access the contest outline, scoring rubric, and more.

Tag a Future Agriculture Teacher!

Do you know someone who would make an amagazing agriculture teacher? Consider nominating them to join the NAAE National Teach Ag Campaign or send them a Tagged to #TeachAg Kit!




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