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Is your child interested in pursuing a degree in agricultural education? You've come to the right place! Listed below are resources you can use to help your child on their journey to becoming an agriculture teacher.

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"I believe that my daughter will be able to positively influence the lives of countless students as an agriculture teacher. She has the knowledge, ability and enthusiasm to be a great teacher. As a veteran teacher myself, I am proud to have a daughter entering the field of education. While teaching is not an easy job, it is certainly a rewarding one. Our country needs enthusiastic young teachers to replace those who will be retiring in the near future."
— Kim and Dennis Brammer, parents of Breanne Brammer, agricultural education graduate student at the University of Missouri

"As we have watched our son mature and learn a multitude of life's lessons and leadership skills from the FFA and agricultural education, during his years in high school, and then through his interaction with other fellow ag ed majors in college, we have come to appreciate the work done by those who are teaching our future agriculture students and leaders. The opportunities in the ag industry are innumerable and the possibilities are endless and exciting. We are thrilled to see our son's interest in giving back to help build the same programs that helped shape him into the fine young man that he is today."
— Jeff and Jill Steiner, parents of Andrew Steiner, agricultural education major at South Dakota State University, South Dakota

"I am happy that my daughter, Kristen, choose agricultural education as a major in college for several reasons. As a former ag student, I feel I learned about the buiness world from my ag classes. Record keeping is a skill I use everyday. I also feel that whether she decides to teach or enter the agriculture industry, she will suceed through the knowledge she gains from being an agricultural education major."
— Jeff Fristoe, father of Kristen Fristoe, agricultural education major at Morehead State University, Kentucky

"Taylor hasn't always been interested in agriculture. There was pharmacy first, then veterinary school, which either one would have been fine with me. In her senior year, her agriculture education teacher at Hickman High School (Mr. Miller) really encouraged her to get involved with everything, dairy cattle judging, raising and showing steers, community involvement, etc., and once she did, that was it! She has been totally passionate about agriculture education since. I am so proud to see her grow into a smart young woman who is dedicated to her major, develop friendships, become a leader in her field through ambassadorship for two programs and a chairwoman for Ag Ed professional development. She is very happy and excited about 'getting to work!' She is going to make an excellent teacher because she is so passionate about the program. She once said, 'the world must eat, and we have to be sure to teach the next generations how to keep the world growing food for us all.' I am so very proud of her!"
— Diana Fredrick, mother of Taylor Fredrick, agricultural education major at the University of Missouri, Missouri

"From a young age, Katelyn always wanted to be a teacher. As she grew up, she discovered that her passion was in agriculture. We are so happy she was able to find a major that combines both of the things she loves!"
— Pat and Ronnette Vincent, parernts of Katelyn Vincent, agricultural education major at Kansas State University, Kansas

"Ever since third grade, Alan has known he wanted to be a teacher. It wasn't long after he joined FFA in eighth grade and began taking ag science classes that he knew that was where he needed to be. His agriscience teacher and FFA advisor, Jessica Couch, played a huge part in showing Alan the importance of agricultural education. We are very proud of Alan for making it his goal in life to follow in her footsteps and reach out to more students with the message that agricultural education is both relevant and important. We believe that having Alan as an agriculture teacher will guide future generations of students to prepare for careers in the fields of agriculture, food and natural resources."
— Tom and Dawn Green, parents of Alan Green, agricultural education major at Michigan State University, Michigan

"We are pleased that Emily chose ag education as her profession for the simple reason that she has always shown an interest in teaching. When she entered high school, she took an agriculture class, joined FFA, and there was no stopping her. She set her sights on what she wanted to do, and with help from two wonderful ag teachers, she embarked on her journey to become an ag teacher. It is good to see a young person with a passion for teaching enter into this particular field, to help educate young people about the industry that feeds the world."
— Darren and Karen Reed, parents of Emily Reed, agricultural education major at Northwest Missouri State University


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