NAAE Agricultural Educator Relief Fund

The NAAE Agricultural Educator Relief Fund is designed to assist individual NAAE active members during a time of personal crisis or need. NAAE members may receive up to a $500 stipend to help them through a difficult time. The fund is made possible by the support of state associations and private donors.

Applications must be submitted to NAAE from the state agricultural education association leadership on behalf of a NAAE active member. There is no deadline for submitting applications for this program. Applications should be submitted at the time of the need. Complete details are included in the application form.

"After a tragic fire, a lot of time is spent on insurance details, so the quicker you can get clothes, food and furniture the sooner you can spend time on the rebuilding process. Your relief fund was a perfect way to help us take care of immediate basic necessities. My mother and I thank you so much for your support. I have always been a fan of the NAAE and the great leadership and services offered members. Your relief fund was a service I didn't know existed and certainly thought I would never need, but I can't tell you how much this kind of support means for an expeditious recovery."
— Tom Hawthorne

"On December 3rd, 2018, my husband had his second hemorrhagic stroke. He spent a total of 30 days in the hospital and I was with him pretty much the whole time. When you have an unexpected emergency situation or health issue, there are a lot of things that weigh on your mind including unplanned expenses. For 30 days, I ate almost every meal in the hospital cafeteria. One of the few times I was able to briefly go home, I got the mail and there was a check from the NAAE Relief Fund. All the stress I had been holding in came out when I opened that envelope and saw the check and note. I sat in my truck in the driveway and cried. The money was very much needed and appreciated, but I think the bigger thing was that someone cared enough to nominate me to receive it and my Ag Ed family was there for me when I needed it most. I may never meet the teachers who individually contributed to the fund. But I will always know that one of the best things about being an ag teacher is that you are a part of a caring and supportive group of professionals and friends. It is one of the things that makes our profession so awesome and unique."
— Pam Rowland

"On June 18, 2015, I watched as a tornado approached my house. With my family and mother at home, I barely had enough time to warn anyone. Thankfully, no one was harmed. The Relief Fund means so much to a family when their world explodes. It cost about $800 to pack your belongings and put in storage. Insurance was a minimum of 30 days away, but the Ag Ed family stepped up at my time of need. I am and always will be grateful for the assistance and I will continue to support the Relief Fund. "
— Ed Jordan

Donate to the Ag Ed Relief Fund

  • Donate on-line by credit card (member log-in required).
  • Donate by phone with credit card: Call the NAAE office at (859) 967-2892 or (800) 509-0204.
  • Donate by check: Make your check payable to NAAE, and put "Ag Ed Relief Fund Donation" in the memo line. Mail to NAAE, 2525 Harrodsburg Road, Suite 200, Lexington, KY 40504-3358.

Application to receive funds (must be submitted by state association)

Current Agricultural Educator Relief Fund Report

Questions? Contact Alissa Smith, NAAE Chief Executive Officer.